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How much does it cost to move to Fort Drum?

There are many factors when it comes to moving costs. DIY can save you money, but it is often not worth your own time. Packing alone can take days or even weeks to do properly.

Even with a readily available trailer to rent, you can’t fit more than a room or two worth of furniture and boxes. Most people underestimate the sheer volume they need to move from one house or apartment to another.

Moving Costs:

Aside from calculating your own time, you also need to rent a trailer, purchase boxes and packing materials, and maybe even paying a few friends to help you move the heavier items like furniture. Budgeting can help if you’ve done it before, but until you’ve packed everything in the small car trailer, you’ll probably discover not everything will fit. Then you’re left with the tough decision of taking two trips to where you’re moving, or leaving behind your valuable furniture/boxes only to need to replace them after you move.

Moving companies typically calculate moving costs by number/size of rooms in your home, how many regular sized moving boxes, and how far you’re moving.

Do it right the first time:

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